The construction industry is a hugely important and impactful business that affects people around the world. One thing we all have in common, whether we live in a rural or urban area, no matter who we are or where we come from, is that we need a place to live. The construction industry uses a huge amount of material around the world to create spaces for us to live, work, and play in. Lately, however, we’ve started to see a shift. Construction companies in West Virginia are now starting to use environmentally friendly practices to meet consumer demand. Here are some of the ways that construction companies are creating environmentally friendly homes that are both comfortable to live in and good for our planet.

Building homes that are better insulated

The world consumes a huge number of fossil fuels every year in order to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Just lowering the temperature a few notches on your thermostat in the cold months can save a huge amount of money on your electricity bill and also saves tons of energy too. Construction companies are now focusing on using materials that provide natural insulation, such as cedar wood, for example, to ensure that residents don’t have to use more than they need. It is so much more efficient in the long run, and is much better for the planet.

Adding solar panels to homes and yards

In areas that see continuous good weather throughout the year, the sun can be a huge resource. By opting to add solar panels to your home, you can actually make money off of the electricity you generate, or at least cover the cost of your own electricity. This reduces your reliance on energy from coal and fossil fuels, which can be very harmful for the planet and very expensive for you. The solar panel trend continues to grow every year, and engineers have even proposed the idea of eventually having solar paneled roads.

Using organic and natural materials

In previous decades, builders often used materials that used chemicals, such as paints, finishes, plastics, and more. While not immediately dangerous, these materials could have a potentially detrimental long-term effect on both the residents of the home and the area around it. That’s why many builders have recently turned towards natural materials that are certified not to contain potentially harmful substances and that are made from renewable resources.

Creating less waste

Waste has become hugely problematic for our earth – the more our population continues to grow, the more landfills grow with it. Landfills can ruin some of our planet’s most beautiful areas, and more practically, it can also take away the spaces in which we live, work, and relax. Construction can cause a huge amount of waste, which is why companies are now focusing on using materials that don’t create as much waste, as well as materials that are not harmful for the environment and can eventually be decomposed. Additionally, many construction companies are now aiming to recycle more of their unused materials instead of throwing them away, which is not only more eco-friendly, but also more economically efficient.

Creating smaller homes

In the vein of creating less waste and using less energy, many people are now opting to live in much smaller homes than they did in previous years. Not only is it more financially efficient, but it does wonders for our planet. There are many different ways that people have chosen to incorporate this trend into their lives, from building tiny homes in wooded areas to living in more compact urban dwellings.

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